You can now listen to sermons on mobile devices with a variety of Andoid and Apple apps.


Option 1

You can subscribe to our podcast in itunes at the following link

Option 1 (for Apple or Android device)

1. Download Stitcher app (From App Store or Google Play)

2. Install app

3.  Open app

4.  In search bar type New Bethlehem Grace Baptist Church

5. Most Recent Sermon will play.

6.  Click Episodes tab to find a past sermon to play.

7.  You can click on Plus (+) sign to add to Your Stations to eliminate the need to search for Grace Baptist Church Sermons everytime.


Option 2 (for Apple or Android device)

1. Download Podcast app (from Apples app store) or PodKicker from Google Play store

2. Install app

3. Open app

For Apple products go to step 4.  Android products jump to step 11

4.  Once you open podcast app click the top left button (Says store)

5. Click on search and type Grace Baptist Church Sermons

6. Look for this logo

7. Click on Logo

8. Click Subcribed

9. Click On Library in the top left corner.

10. church Logo will appear you can now click on it to find the sermon you want to listed to.

11.  Click on add rss feed

12  Type in the following URL

13.  Click add

14.  Now Grace Baptist church Sermons will show up under your podcast and you can choose to stream them or download them.


you can email me at with any question on this topic.




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